Our Team

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Bryson Foster - Co-Owner, Creative Director

Bryson has been a videographer, website developer, photographer, and editor for 7 years. He began building his client list through miscellaneous freelance work; but when the demand continued to grow, he decided to take the leap and start his own company.

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Kristin Foster - Co-Owner, ADMINISTRATOR

Kristin Foster handles the day-to-day administration at FC, including grant and proposal writing, bookkeeping, and social media management. She has eight years of experience as an office and project manager.

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Mitchell Dorn - Operations Manager

Mitchell Dorn has five years of experience in event and project management. He currently helps to streamline the operations and communications at Foster’s Creative, while also making sure that our clients are satisfied with the work they receive from us.


MiChael Parker - Content Creator

Michael Parker handles much of our behind-the-scenes creative work, including video editing, graphic designing, and website development. Michael’s involvement in our team enables us to make sure the work we do is polished to a shine when we turn it over to our clients!


Abraham DiMare - Photographer, Videographer

Abraham has five years of experience as a videographer and photographer. He is our secret weapon when it comes to capturing stories on camera; and as a musician / sound engineer, he even lends his own musical touch to his videos.